Humbled Hands


An Evening to Remember

Light Tunnel

Misty Village

The Killing Moon

Brisbane at Night

An evening in Harbor

The Brick Bakery

In the Wild

Into the Dawn

Ready to Blossom

You or Me - 1

Make Hay while Sun Shines


Misty Light


Fire in the Heart <3

The Closed Door


World's Best Ride

Far Far Away....!!

Ancient Alleys

Monsoon Travel

Come To Me

Modern Devil

Through to the fire ball

Let's Open All Doors

When Sun Goes Down


Light from behind

The Fall

The Girl Who Played With Fire 1

Over Troubled Waters

The morning travel.

Gazing into the Light

Came a Long Way

Behind the Veil

The Ignited

Old Eyes

The Blessing

Tryptich Project - Where is our Freedom

Triptychs Project - Road Showmaker Boy

Triptych Project - Old Mama

The King and The Queen

The Frolic


What is Future of History?


The Travel

Morning Light

Sky Gazing

Flying High

Morning Freshness

Bubbly Fruits


Bird Power

Autumn Fruits

The Qutub Minar


The Pond of Love Shall Fill.....

Tide will come...

The Brisbane Eye

Brisbane Lights

Fire in those Eyes

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Fruit of Love

One Morning

Junkyard Gang

Those Eyes

Dreamy Eyes

The Fallen

Where is our freedom?

Baked Eyes

The Brick Bakery Child

The Artist

Tryptichs Project - The monk who wants to buy Ferrari

The Light Droplets

Third Eye

The Lotus

The Print



The Lantern

You or Me - 2

Summer Ride

Fruit On Fire

Puppet Show...Who's the Puppet? We all are!

Autumn Fall

Morning Warmth

The Boatman

Sunrise in Jakarta

The Sunset

The Light Tunnel

Dawn in Solo

The Gone Girl

Slumdog Millionaires...

Cricket on Goa Beaches...

Queen's Crater

Monsoon Reflections

Kawah Putih

Fire in the Heart

Evening Waters...

The Man Who Played With Fire...

The Last Drop

Ignited Mind

Butterfly Garden

Let's Play

Give Joy A Chance

Dark Knight Rises

The Facade

If Building Saw the Mirror...